Address: 13, Chuklaya Street,
Beshenkovichi, 211350

Phone: 8 (02131) 6-42-45


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Culture and Mass Media

The culture establishments of the region seek to revive local folk art, organize leisure times of the population, develop amateur arts and search for young talents.

There are 54 establishments of culture in the Beshenkovichi region, including 28 libraries, the Beshenkovichi Regional community center, the Beshenkovichi Regional House of Crafts, 20 rural cultural centers, the Beshenkovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore (a branch of the museum in the village of Ulla), art schools in Beshenkovichi and Ostrovno and their branches in the villages of Bocheikovo, Verkhovje, Svecha, Plissy, Budilovo and Sinitsy, the Ulla children’s music school.

The Beshenkovichi House of Crafts specializes in six areas: ceramics, pottery, straw weaving, weaving, rod weaving, wood engraving. The club of local craftsmen “Skarbonka” (50 craftsmen) has been set up at the House of Crafts. Galina Khonyak, a craftswoman, is a member of Belarus’ Union of Craftsmen, a laureate of various contests. She participates in national, oblast and regional exhibitions.