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26 June 2023
The rally dedicated to the 79th anniversary of the liberation of the Beshenkovichi region from Nazi invaders was held at the Uzrechye memorial complex. Guests from the sister city of Sebezh, Pskov region of the Russian Federation, took part in it.
23 June 2023
During the war, according to archival documents, 151,421 people died in the cities and rural areas of the Vitebsk region, ▪️ 68,934 people were driven into German slavery, ▪️ 92,891 people were killed in POW camps. ▪️ More than 63 thousand houses were destroyed and burned in rural areas. The population of the region in the post-war period was only 650 thousand people, while before the war there were more than a million people. ▪️In the...
12 June 2023
On Wednesday, June 14, a "direct telephone line" will be held from 16:00 to 17:00 at number 6-65-96 by Natalya Petrovna Reut, the head of the court of Beshankovitsa district.
24 May 2023
Some questions, with which the residents of the region turned to the chairman of the district executive committee, concerned: - land relations, - improvement of Polotskaya street in the regional center. They are under control. A proposal was also made to organize a rally to memorable places located on the territory of the Ulsky village council. “The idea is good, it is quite possible to implement it and coincide with the Year of Peace and Creation,” concluded Galina...
17 May 2023
On May 18, the Regional Museum of Local Lore invites residents and guests of the district to visit free of charge exhibitions "Beshankovichchyna: hell out of hell and suchasnasts", "Echo of the nineties", interactive platform "Museum Yard" throughout the day. At 14:00, an excursion "Young Guide" and a quest "Know your land better" are scheduled. The solemn event dedicated to the International Museum Day, which everyone can visit, will begin at 11 am. On it, museum workers will sum...
10 May 2023
Victory Day is the main holiday for all residents of Belarus. It is special for those who endured incredible trials during the war years. Unfortunately, due to their age, veterans, prisoners of war, victims of the war hard times cannot take part in the celebrations on the occasion of the holiday. But the holiday came to them home! Grateful descendants - representatives of the regional authorities, labor collectives, public organizations and youth - visited our heroes from...