Address: 13, Chuklaya Street,
Beshenkovichi, 211350

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The Beshenkovichi region of the Vitebsk oblast was founded on July 17, 1924.

The total area of the Beshenkovichi region is 1.250 square kilometers.

The region is located in the center of the Vitebsk oblast. It borders on the Vitebsk, Shumilino, Ushachi, Lepel, Chashniki and Senno regions. The Beshenkovichi region is situated 51 kilometers away from Vitebsk and 210 kilometers away from Minsk, the capital of the Republic of Belarus.

There are 55 lakes in the region (Saro, White Lake, Ostrovenskoe are the biggest lakes). The Western Dvina River and its confluents Ula, Svechanka, Krivinka and Bereza run through the territory of the Beshenkovichi region. Forests (pine, spruce and birch mainly) cover about 20% of the area.

The Beshenkovichi region is composed of seven rural councils and 243 villages. The population of the region is 21.8 thousand. The population of the town of Beshenkovichi makes up 8.1 thousand, that of the rural areas – 13.7 thousand.