Beshenkovichi Regional Executive Committee

Address: 13, Chuklaya Street,
Beshenkovichi, 211361

8 (02131) 6-42-45


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District executive committee

211361 Vitebsk Oblast, s. Beshenkovichi, Chuklai str., 13


Monday-Friday from 8-00 to 17-00

break – from 13-00 to 14-00

Days off – Saturday, Sunday


Management of the Regional Executive Committee


Galina Unukovich

ph: (802131) 6-40-56


First Deputy Chairman - Head of the Department of Agriculture and Food

Alexei Bukhalovich
ph: (802131) 6-40-85


Deputy Chairman

Tatyana Zhdanovich
ph: (802131) 6-40-63


Deputy Chairman

Victor Grishan

ph:(802131) 6-40-66

Deputy Chairman

Alexander Erashov

ph: (802131) 6-40-62


Business Manager - Head of Business Administration

Alena Shklyarevskaya
ph: (802131) 6-40-77


Head of the Department of Arrangement, Personnel and Legal Work
Tatyana Petrushenko
ph: (802131) 6-40-55

Head of the Department of Economy
Ludmila Khodyanok
ph: (802131) 6-40-80

Head of the Department of Labor, Employment and Social Security
Elena Ovchinnikova
ph: (802131) 6-53-03

Head of the Department of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs
Svetlana Gaiko
ph: (802131) 6-50-45

Head of the Department of Education
Nikolai Shipulya
ph: (802131) 6-53-50

Head of the Department of Architecture and Construction, Housing and Utility Services
Galina Shalepina
ph: (802131) 6-40-60

Head of the Finance Department
Alexander Tkachenok
ph: (802131) 6-42-54

Head of the Sector for Handling with Appeals of Citizens and Legal Entities
Zhanna Kitsar
ph: (802131) 6-40-73

Head of Civil Registry Department
Victoria Morozova
ph: (802131) 6-05-33

Head of Land Management Department
Maya Osipovich
ph: (802131) 6-06-27

Head of Internal Affairs Department
Oleg Matesha
ph: (802131) 4-13-62