Beshenkovichi Regional Executive Committee

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Beshenkovichi, 211361

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Beshenkovichi district was formed on July 17, 1924.

It is located in the center of Vitebsk region and borders with Vitebsk, Shumilinsky, Ushachsky, Lepel, Chashniki, Senno districts. It is located 54 km from the city of Vitebsk and 210 km from the capital of the Republic of Belarus - Minsk.

The total area is 1,250 square kilometers.

There are 55 lakes on the territory of the region, the largest of them are Sarro, Borovno, Beloe, Ostrovenskoye, Slobodskoye, Gorodno.

The largest river is the Western Dvina and its tributaries: Ula, Svechanka, Krivinka, Beryozka.

Forests, mainly pine, spruce and mixed, occupy 20% of the area.

In the administrative-territorial plan, the district is divided into 7 rural Soviets, which include 239 settlements.