Beshenkovichi Regional Executive Committee

Address: 13, Chuklaya Street,
Beshenkovichi, 2113361

Phone: 8 (02131) 6-42-45


5 March 2018

Chairman of the Beshenkovichi District Executive Committee Andrei Bulavkin and the head of the commune Nemets Urbas Krzysztof signed the intention of further friendship in the Agreement on Cooperation

 The Chairman of the District Executive Committee Andrei Bulavkin and the head of the commune Nemets Urbas Krzysztof signed the intention of further friendship in the Agreement on Cooperation Establishing international and twinning relations between the countries, regions and individual settlements gives impetus to bilateral cooperation of Belarus with other states. Prospects in this direction have also appeared in our region. In February, the Regional Executive Committee signed an Agreement on Cooperation between the Beshenkovichi District of the Vitebsk Region of the Republic of Belarus and the Lublin District of the Lublin Voivodeship of the Republic of Poland.

    The visit of the delegation of business circles of the Republic of Poland to the Vitebsk region is organized by the Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) together with the National Association of Exporters of Poland.

    President of the National Association of Exporters Ryszard Tomasz Novak, representatives of the local government of the commune Nemets: Urbas Krzysztof - the head of the commune, Mrozek Slawomir - the chairman of the commune council, Brzozowski Grzegosz - deputy inspector of the municipality commune, as well as the business community: Dabala Waldemar - owner the company for the production of plaster 3D-decorative panels "Dunes", Wozniak Eugeniusch - the president of the company for processing meat "RYJEK" SP. J., Mariusz Adam Beshtak - owner of the transport company "IMPEX-TRANS".

     Foreign guests in the district executive committee hosted the chairman of the Beshenkovichi district executive committee AA Bulavkin, chairman of the district council of deputies G. M. Shvedov, deputy chairmen of the district executive committee TI Zhdanovich and NA Zabolotsky. The meeting was attended by the head of the economy department of the district executive committee LA Khodyanok and the director of the Belkotlomash enterprise AI Volodko.

     I must say that there is much in common between our regions. The village of Němce is a rural municipality in Poland, as an administrative unit it is part of the Lublin district of the Lublin Voivodship. The population here is comparable to our area - 18074 people live in the commune of Germz. The most developed areas of economic activity in the commune are: trade - 27%, construction - 17.8%, motor transport - 8%, healthcare - 5.3%.

     Among the largest enterprises in the commune of Nemets are the dental pharmacology Akrona, wholesale company Elizowka, the construction materials market is run by PPMB Niemce and Proxim, the production of cereals, pasta, and breakfast cereals is handled by As-Babuni ", processing of meat -" Ryjek ", doors and windows -" Frezbud ", metallurgical and chemical production -" Stanchem ".

     During the meeting, the regional executive committee discussed the areas of cooperation between our regions, the opportunities for developing mutually beneficial inter-regional ties, and the establishment of economic relations. Director AIE Belkotlomash AI Volodko had the opportunity to tell guests about his company, which specializes in the development and production of energy-efficient boilers for heating, which operate on renewable fuels.

     Then the chairman of the district executive committee Andrei Anatolievich Bulavkin and the head of the commune Nemets Urbas Krzysztof signed their intentions on further friendship with signatures in the Agreement on Cooperation. The parties agreed to establish a bilateral exchange of information and support the interests of business entities, promote contacts and partnership relations of the business community.

     In continuation of the acquaintance with the Beshenkovichi district the delegation of the business circles of the Republic of Poland was invited to the production at the NPP "Belkotlomash". AI Volodko conducted an excursion for the guests, introduced production capacities.

    - Our company produces more than 60 types of boilers with thermal power from 100 kW to 12 MW, operating on solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. Boilers are designed for heating housing and utilities and industrial facilities, generating steam and hot water, - said Alexander Ivanovich. - All products have been certified in the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, and also received the certificate of compliance STB IS0 9001-2009. Particular attention "Belkotlomash" devotes to the development of boiler equipment, working on biofuel. The boilers working on milling peat are in great demand.

      "Twinning of the regions of different countries I would put in a number of the most effective tools for changes for the better, an important component of the implementation of most tasks to improve the level and quality of people's lives," said Ryszard Tomasz Nowak, President of the National Association of Exporters. "Interest in the more successful development of his settlement, district (volost) inevitably leads visionary leaders to mutually beneficial contacts, to search for internal and external resources. And this is the consolidated interaction of local silt, including business, educational institutions and, of course, opportunities to find partners from other regions and countries. "

 During a visit to the Vitebsk region, a delegation of business circles from Poland also visited a number of Belarusian enterprises and held talks with their leadership. Visiting meetings took place at OOO "RuBelEco" (production of building materials), Modern-Expo LLC (production of commercial equipment), at the Vitba confectionery. A working meeting of the delegation members with the management of the FEZ "Vitebsk" was organized, during which the opportunities provided to residents for the implementation of investment projects were studied. Agreements were reached and an agreement was signed between the National Association of Exporters of Poland and the FEZ "Vitebsk" on further cooperation.